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From the start of September to the end of March we are now offering an Astronomy package to guests here at Cedarwood. Guests will have the opportunity to look through an 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope at objects on view at that time these may include the Moon, planets such as Jupiter, Saturn & Mars a selection of deep sky objects like the Orion Nebula, Ring Nebula, globular clusters & galaxies etc plus a guide to the constellations & bright stars. Guests will have the opportunity to ask questions & pick Joe's brain about all matters astronomical during the evening. Joe has 42 years experience as an amatuer astronomer, was a long time member of Mexborough & Swinton Astronomical Society in Yorkshire where he became a national astronomy quiz champion & won the Radio Leeds Astromind twice. Cedarwood is in a superb location with dark skies & we hope guests old & new will relish this unique experience, as well as enjoy some relaxing time away in our cosy contemporary cabins!

Andromeda Galaxy
Cedarwood Milky Way

The Milky Way - a single 6 minute exposure taken with Canon D550 28mm

Orion's Belt with the Orion Nebula & Horse Head Nebula.

Orion Nebula taken at Cedarwood

Orion Nebula M42 Taken with 8"SCT at Cedarwood

Telescope at Cedarwood

The 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope at Cedarwood

All bookings are subject to weather, if weather conditions are not suitable to allow guests to partake in the activity the full price (£40) of the Night Sky Tour will be refunded. These tours are available from the start of Sept to the end of March. Please note tours can be booked by all guests at Cedarwood & we cannot gaurantee exclusivity.

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